Milwaukee Personal Training's goal is to make fitness approachable. This is why we come to you in the comfort of your own home.

There are many reasons to hire an in-home personal trainer and one of the biggest is convenience. We come to your home at your desired time with all of the necessary equipment for a personalized, functional and efficient workout. We have the ability to create a program for anyone. Whether you are training for a marathon, recovering from a surgery or toning up for a vacation. We will get you the results you are looking for, giving you measurable goals and TEACH you the why and how behind every exercise in the comfort of your own home and on your clock.

Meal Plans

3 month commitment- is required for weight loss.

75% diet and 25% exercise. There is no doubt a ton of information out there on healthy eating

and diets. My philosophy is this. First I calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Next I take

into account your current activity level. From there I consult with you to figure out your body

type, any food restrictions. Once I have considered these things I will create a meal plan

specific to your weight loss goal. This service will include 3 different meal plans (1 per month).

Along with the meal plans I will provide coaching and the logic behind the plans so you can build

your own plans. The key to anything fitness related including nutrition is consistency. How bad

do you want the body you dreamed of?

Program Design

Workout and resistance training programs would require careful design with a dedicated minimum of 3 months.

You can no doubt head to the grocery store and grab a Men’s Health magazine or jump on the net to find the latest and greatest exercises to blast your abs!

As a fitness professional I think that’s great! The problem is these programs don’t take into account the fact that what might work for me won’t work for you.

Primarily the programs do not take into account things like: your current fitness level, any limitations, past surgeries, and body type to name a few. I will create a workout program specific to the aforementioned contraindications. If you are local and need a few 1 on 1 personal training sessions to make sure you’re executing the exercises properly I will do that for my fees of personal training.

Master consistency with the right program, and you will start seeing the body and lifestyle

you’ve been wanting. Isn’t it time?

Meal Plans and Program Design

3 month commitment. I’m a firm believer that your fitness goals are dependent on 3 things resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and proper nutrition. If you consistently balance all

three you will no doubt be a healthy, strong individual. For this service I will provide: workout

program design (resistance training protocol) specific to you, cardiovascular guidelines based

upon your current fitness level, and meal plans specific to your current BMR and lifestyle. Stop

making excuses and take action! You only get one body...