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About Me – Milwaukee Personal Training Now Conducting Private and Group Sessions

About Me

Tyler Schuette

Fitness and everything related to health and wellness is truly my passion and calling in life. That is why I started this business. I understand how valuable personal training is to people and how much trust is involved in it. I'm educated and I practice what I preach. I meal prep my foods, I follow a weight training and cardiovascular routine, and I've been doing it now for over 15 years. As your personal trainer I am here to motivate you, hold you accountable, and see to it that you achieve whatever fitness goals you have. You can do it! Just take the first step and I will be there to guide you through your journey. Fitness to me is more than just working for a better physical appearance or being able to hit a new personal record. It's about committing to consistent personal growth; It's my lifestyle. What do you want your lifestyle to be?


-Bachelor's of Science- Kinesiology (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh) and Health Emphasis



-Weight Loss

-Nutrition Counseling/Meal Planning

-Functional Training

-Older Adult Fitness

-Resistance Training

-Sport Specific Training


-TRX Training



AED/CPR/First Aid


Other Interests

Spending time with friends and family. Weight Training, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Camping, playing all sports to win, and cooking. Oh and the Green Bay Packers!